Keeping pigs and pig farms healthy and resilient: This is how we see it.
Good care comes with responsibilities. Most pigs are kept for meat production, which means that every step in the proces plays a big role in the health care of the pig, from farmer to consumer. Anyone who takes care of an animal, may it be the owner, keeper, breerder or the person who transports the animals, we all have a responsibility at that time for the welfare of the animal, and the health of the food made from the animal.

Our vets have a lot of work experience with pigs kept for meat, but also pigs that are being kept as a pet. Our vets would gladly talk with you about the health and welfare of your pigs. Click HERE for more information about our collegues.

Caution: Due to sensitivity of pigs for all kind of infections, like African swine flue, we are extremele precautious and carefull. We work with strict hygiene measures.

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