About us

The University Farm Animal Practice (ULP) is an unique animal practice located in Harmelen. We are the only animal practice in The Netherlands that is connected to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht.  We are engaged in the promotion of optimal animal health on a daily basis, and we are a professional organization where quality and service are of paramount importance. In our modern practice we work with a team of enthusiastic veterinarians and assistants. By watching our video you will get a small impression of what we do on a daily basis.


The ULP’s mission is to promote optimal animal health by offering high-quality products and services to its customers from a professionally organized organization and in a unique partnership with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.


Thanks to knowledge and expertise, excellent service, intensive cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, unique network connections and a guaranteed quality management system, the ULP is a leading veterinary party for the stakeholders in the sector. In a market-oriented setting, the ULP provides veterinary services to farm animal owners, practical education to various parties and application-oriented research for pharmaceutical companies and government institutions.

With great dedication and pleasure, ULP employees work together in a team of passionate professionals based on a shared passion for livestock farming, animals and people. As a reliable knowledge partner in the field of animal health, animal welfare, public health and food safety, the ULP contributes to future-proof livestock farming. Quality, customer focus, reliability, commitment, innovation and entrepreneurship are core values ​​that guide the behavior and attitude of the ULP employees.

ISO-9001 certification

ULP has been ISO-9001 certified since July 2013. We think it is important that we can offer you the right professional help and thus radiate a bit of confidence. We are tested annually to see if we still comply with the certification, which is why you are always assured of expertise and professionalism.

What does being ISO-9001 certified actually mean? We work according to the KRD ISO-9001 criteria and this means that we strive to improve the quality of the business operations according to the ISO standard. This standard has been supplemented with the requirements of the Quality Guideline for Veterinary Practices, also known as the KRD. You will not only notice our quality in providing our service, but also in our high-quality products.