Education for veterinary students

Students who have chosen the study direction “Farm animals” at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht will all have 5 weeks of internship at the ULP. This is a required part of the veterinary medicine study. The students are in the fifth year of their study (out of 6) and have all chosen for the direction of Farm Animals & Veterinary Public Health. In the final year, they can focus more on practical work experience, research or veterinary public health. Click HERE for more information about the master.

The students will go along on a regulary base with the vets to visit the farms/companies of our clients. The period at the ULP  is a very fun and educational experience for most students. In addition, it is also seen as “intensive” because of the many impressions they get during those 5 weeks. They can apply what they have learned in recent years and are not only guided by us, but often also unwittingly by the farmer. The feeling of participating in practice is greatly appreciated by our students, we have noticed this from last year’s evaluation in which we scored an average of 8.2 out of 10! Our farmers also contribute to this result and we appreciate this enormously.

The goal of the ULP is to teach students the basics that are needed to become a good veterinarian. Both in a practical sense, but also clinical reasoning and regulations play an important role in this. By supervising the students one on one, they get the opportunity to apply their skills in practice. The students keep us focused and can also add value to our customers by doing assignments on the farm. Examples of assignments are: young stock measurements and feed mixer check.

International veterinary students

International veterinary students are more than welcome at our practice to participate in our veterinary services. You will get a lot of caseload on dairy and swine. We have guest facilities to house the students. So far the experiences of our colleague students were outstanding. Please contact the clinic by e-mailing to if you are interested or have any questions.


We offer internships for students who are following an education at HBO / WO level. We can easily fill in the internship requests from the agricultural sector. Think of field studies or research done behind a desk. We are open to other courses of study where other subjects are given attention as well. Are you interested and do you want to do an internship with us? Send an email to with your Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter. We would like you to mention if you have a preference for a particular subject, then we can check all the possibilities.