Bacteriological milk research (BO)

In our laboratory, about a 1000 milk samples are examined annually for bacteriological milk research (BO). We work together with two microbiology lab technicians, with who we can guarantee the quality of our lab.


The frustration of many farmers is a result where a mixed culture of bacteria is found (= contamination with bacteria that did not come from the udder). Sterile work is required to prevent getting a result like that. Would you like to see how a sterile milk sample is taken? Then watch the instruction video on this page. You can also ask your vet for help with taking a milk sample. Make sure you always use sterile milk tubes for taking a milk sample.

Submission of subclinical and clinical samples

You can hand in the milk sample(s) to us at the practice in Harmelen, you can also give it to a vet after they visited your farm or we can pick it up with out delivery service. Usually we do not do bacteriological research in the weekends. Do you have a very sick cow and do you need/want a result on saturday, so you can treat the cow immediately? Then you can indicate this on the submission form. We will have to charge an extra weekend fee for work on saturday. Are you handing in a sample but don’t you want to pay an extra fee? Then you will receive the results on Tuesday. See below what’s the best time/way to hand in samples:

  • Clinical samples: samples are proccessed daily. We prefer the samples to be handed in fresh (directly from the cow and not frozen out of the freezer). If these samples arrive at the ULP before 12:00 noon, you will receive the results 48 hours later (except for weekends).
  • Subclinical: We would like to receive samples from cows with a high cell count frozen. A number of bacteria are easier to detect after a sample has been frozen. If these samples arrive at the ULP before 12:00 noon, you will receive the results 48 hours later (except for weekends).

Feedback of results

Usually a result is known within 24 hours of proccessing a sample. In most cases this is a partial result, because some bacteria only grow after 48 hours , or the laboratory employee has started a sensitivity determination. Would you like to receive a partial result, for example becasue you want to start treatment immediately? Please indicate this clearly on the Registrationform. We aim to email you the final results within 48 hours. Your vet will then contact you to discuss the results.